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All new members of ultimatexbeauty are encouraged to make their own awards & contact page. This page is initially worth 200 points for creating and you will recieve an additional 25 points at the end of each month if I see you are keeping it up to date.

To make your awards & contact page post a new entry in the community with your user name in the subject line. Put the entire entry behind a cut.

In this entry you can include anything you want.

You are required to include:

-Basic info [at least your name & age...location, occupation, relationship status, children etc. would be nice also]
-At least one photo or graphic [not including awards]
-Any awards you recieve

Some things you are encouraged to include would possibly be:

-Photo of yourself
-Contact info
-Decoration [like blinkies, icons, small photos, etc.]
-Type of LJ friends you're looking for [if anyone!] & how you'd like them to contact you [through this page, friends only entry, IM, etc.]
-Anything else you come up with!

You are not allowed to include:

-Advertisements [though you can list communities you are in, but no huge banners or anything]
-Large photos [use your own discretion, but people have dial-up be respectful]
-Nothing inappropriate obviously

If you still don't know how to design your page, check out some of the pages that are already made. You can see these pages by clicking on member's links under their photo on the member pages. Please don't copy anyone else's page, but you can definitely get ideas! These pages are to contact other members & get to know each other, but they are also to display your awards. There are 3 types of awards:

Basic Awards:
Whenever I decide to introduce a new basic award type I will make one for each member who qualifies & has an awards & contact page posted for free. From then on they will be for sale in the store for a small price. These awards will be for things such as member levels, member since, etc.

Regular Contest Awards:
You will be able to purchase awards for any contests you win to display on your page if you are interested in collecting them. They will be cheap, the price is only so I have to make them for members who really want them because they are time consuming! These are not avaliable yet.

Other Awards:
Other awards will be given for special events & contests whenever we see fit. These awards will all be different and given for different reasons. Sometimes they will be member vote, sometimes mod vote. Sometimes just because of something specific you did. These awards will be for different things such as Member of the Month, best award page or friendliest member. These awards will always be free, but you must earn them.

To view current awards for sale check out the store.

If you qualify for any awards, even free awards, you will only be given them if you have an awards & contact page made so hurry up and make one!
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