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Welcome to ultimatexbeauty! Whether you are looking to join, just stamped, or you have been a member for awhile there is so much going on in our community and chances are you're going to have a question. This is a place where I want to organize the entire community into a set of Q & A's. PLEASE LOOK THIS LIST OVER BEFORE ASKING A NEW QUESTION If you have a question that isn't on this list leave it as a comment & I'll get back to you ASAP. Most likely, I'll also add your question to the list!


How do I apply? Join the community. Read the new applicant rules on the community info and choose an application. Make sure you follow all the rules when filling out your application and post it.

How do I know when I'm accepted/rejected? I will stamp you. This might be as little as 2 days but it might take a week. It depends on how quickly people vote on your application & my schedule. If votes seem to be split I tend to leave applications up longer to give more people a chance to vote. DO NOT POST OR COMMENT ANYWHERE ASKING WHY YOU HAVE NOT BEEN STAMPED. I WILL GET TO YOU. If it does seem like an extremely large amount of time has past and you feel the need to ask, post a comment on your application in response to a mod.

Can I edit my application once it is posted? You can edit your application if you accidentally skipped a question or if there is a problem with your html. You CANNOT edit your application to change your answers. If I find that you did this you will be banned.

How do I auto-accept/auto-reject an application? Post a comment just like you would be voting but instead of putting "yes" or "no" in the subject line put "auto-accept" or "auto-reject". I will check to make sure you have a token or enough points and then I will honor your request.


There are so many activities going on! Where can I find a list of them all? There is a link to everything you can do on the community userinfo. Our Daily Theme, weekly activities and monthly activities are all listed on the sidebar under the activities section. The header for each activity type is a link going to the current activity.

What if I don't know what a particular activity means? What is cyber shopping, etc? Go to the community info page and scroll down to the activities section. There you will find a link for each activity that will tell you exactly how to do that activity.

Now that I know what the activities are, how do I participate? If the activity is a contest type [icon contest, superlative, caption contest, poetry & monthly contest] you need to post your entry as a comment on the activity post [the post you are taken to when you click on the link on the community sidebar]. Your entry will be screened until the contest is over. If the activity is just for fun [scavenger hunt, survey, random word, top 5, cyber shopping & daily theme] just post your activity in a new post. [See posting for help on how to do this]


What are member levels? We have 4 different member levels in this community to keep our members active. These members are new, silver, gold and permanent. To read about each type visit the community info page under "member levels" or check out the individual member pages.

I am a new member, how do I move up? At the end of the month I will automatically move you up to silver member status if you have 25 points. Otherwise I will cut you from the community. Don't ask to move up, it's just annoying. You will be moved up automatically.

I asked to be moved up a level a long time ago, why hasn't it happened? You can ask to move up to gold or permanent level whenever you have enough points. However, I might not move you up until the end of the month when I go through and bump and cut members. I might move you sooner if I have extra time, but otherwise be patient. So if you want to move up quickly, ask at the very end of the month!


What am I supposed to put in my subject when I post? "stamped//activity//point value" DO NOT FORGET THIS OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR POINTS.

What if I don't know the point value? You can check the points page, click on the link on the community sidebar that says "points". If you don't have time/you don't understand the page that is okay as long as you post WHAT YOUR POST IS in the subject line. For example if you are posting photos make sure you tell me HOW MANY photos in the subject line so I can figure out your points. If you don't list a point value I will figure your points based on what is in your subject line...if there is nothing in your subject line you will get zero points, if your subject line says "picture post" I will assume you posted 1 picture and give you +2. If your subject line says "10 photos" I will give you the appropriate +20 points.

How come my post has been in the queue forever but everyone elses seems to be posted? Your posts only go into the queue until you have posted once after being stamped, after that you can post without needing approval. Also, if you are waiting for one post to be approved [which might take awhile if no mods are online] you can't make another post.


Besides the usual activities, what are some other ways I can gain points? There are lots of other mini-acivities going on. Link to all of these activities can be found on the sidebar. Leave a comment on the "stamps" or "promo banners" page with a banner you made for points. Leave a testimonial here. You can play the lottery here. And you can challenge the community icons by entering an icon here. And you can always promote for 10 points a promotion. These are all the activities going on for now, but in the future new ones will be added.

Can I gain points for just posting photos or text? Yes. Text is worth 5 points and photos are worth 2 points per picture.

Howcome my points aren't showing up on the members page? I only update the members page about once a week. I count points daily on paper, but it's easier to only update the pages when I have lots of points written down. So chances are, I haven't updated the page yet.

Why don't I have an active banner? There could be a few reasons for this. One, I just haven't updated points yet. If you know you've been active don't worry, I will update it before the end of the month. Two, it's the beginning of the month. At the first of the month I delete everyone's active banner because you need to re-earn it each month. Three, you haven't been active. You only recieve an active banner for point activities, which means voting does not count!

How do you choose member of the month? I choose member of the month by the all around most active member of the previous month. This means they must've been a member for at least a month, so at least a silver member. They not only had to have gained a lot of points, but they should vote a lot, promote, comment on other member's posts and win contests. If they don't do all of these things that's okay, but I look at whoever has the most of these qualities when choosing a member of the month.

What are awards & contact pages? Awards & contact pages are where you get to display your awards & info about yourself so that members can get to know each other better. You are responsible for keeping your own page up to date so post one ASAP. For more information on these pages & the awards that go with them check out their info/rules here.

What can I do with my points? There is so much to do with your points in this community it is amazing. Unlike other communities where they just pile up meaninglessly you can buy all sorts of things from our community store including: awards, graphics, community status/items, and even items with cash value!! Check out our store here.


How do I let you know I'm going on hiatus so I don't get cut? Either make a post in the community or a comment on your members page letting me know you're on hiatus. You will then get a hiatus banner on the member's page and you will be immune from getting cut.

If I go on hiatus, am I safe forever? No. Because members will "go on hiatus" and then never return while they are still active elsewhere on livejournal, you can't go on an indefinite hiatus. The assure this doesn't happen to you when you go on hiatus give a return date and a reason for hiatus [so I know why you're inactive, like if you say you have computer trouble most likely I'll wait awhile...if you say you're just too busy...if you're still too busy a month later maybe it's time for you to leave the community]. If you don't give me this information I will assume you are back in a month. I will be lenient with this because I don't want to cut someone who really is on hiatus, but if you just don't have time for the community...seriously just leave.

I said I was on hiatus, why aren't safe? If you are a new member, new members are not allowed to go on hiatus. If you need to go on hiatus as a new member, gain the required 25 points first. If you don't have time to do that, you shouldn't be applying to a community when your'e so busy. If you are a silver or above member and you go on hiatus but you have been cut that is most likely because I figured you weren't coming back. You are allowed to go on hiatus for a long time, but if I see you active other places on livejournal, or it has been months since I heard from you and your original hiatus post said nothing about being gone for months, you will be cut.


I got a new username, what do I need to do? Obviously, you don't need to re-apply. Post an entry in the community stating your new username & who you used to be. I will change this on the member page, but all awards & large member photos will not be changed. You can only use one username at once in the community, so if you posted it changed I will delete your old name from the community.

I used to be a member here, can I come back? Yes, we welcome you back! But you need to re-apply just as if you were a new member and you will start over as a new member with no awards or points.
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