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Not sure if you want to join our community? Read what our members have to say about us!

downstraightup_: "I just thought I would say, this community is awesome! We all seem really close & seem like we like each We are all active as can be & i really like this community alot."

auntieash0731: "We're a very active community and we all get along great! I really enjoy this community best out of all the communities I'm in! I know when I'm bored and looking for something to do, I can always participate in one of the many activities that we've got going on here!"

emmadapoet: "This is an amazing community. Not a lot of communities are able to stay active like this one has. Also, I think we all get along great and have a lot of fun with the activities. Not to mention we have an awesome mod who is so sweet."

kissme_likethat: "This community is awesome! Linda (the mod) is great, I love her! We have really fun activities and such. Great community, man!"

breaking_free07: "This community is awesome, not very many communities can say that they truly focus on inner beauty and "truly" mean it. There is always something to participate in so you can never complain that your bored. We've got awesome members and mods. We debate, have deep conversations, have scavenger hunts and many more awesome activities! This community rocks! We're all friends here!"

lemonpixie : "This is the best community I've been in (and I've been in a lot). It's highly inter-active. You get to know other members and it's a great place to just have fun. There is always something going on so you are never bored. The Mod's are always on top of things. My only complaint is they spoil me and I expect other communities to be as awesome!"

wolfpackangel06 : "This community is definitely by far the best I've seen/been a part of. We are very active and there are many ways to have fun. Plus, meeting people is also a nice way to be involved in the community. I'm glad I joined and I hope others will too and see just how amazing this community is."

theitgiirl : "I have only been in this community for a day and I can already tell how much fun you all have. The mods are amazing, the members are kind, plus the activites are well thought out. I can't wait to get more active!"

iwanturundies9 : "I love being a member at UXB (for real I'm not just saying that!). The members are amazing and very active. I adore how everyday there are more then 5 posts. If your looking for a fun and active community this is the place to be!♥"

zookeepers_girl : "I haven't been in this community for long, but I can tell, Its so wonderful! The activies are so fun to do, and so creative! The members & mods are wonderful! And everything is just so active! I love it here!"

becomingun : "I've only been a member here for a few weeks, but this has quickly become my favourite comm! It's so wonderfully active, with lots of posts every day and interesting contests and themes, I even won third place in the first contest I entered, and the members and mods are so nice!!! I've met people I have loads in common with, and it's so wonderfully non-judgemental. You really should join, because it's totally awesome!"

irishgeminigurl : "The reason I like this community so much, is because it has a lot of great members, who participate and stay active, without flooding my friends page. I think the way the side bar is set up with activities, when they are updated and how many points they are worth, is absolutely fabulous. It really helps us "newbies" get right into the swing of things!! This is in my top 5 favorite communities, that I am very active in, and the other 4 are all on the sister communities - it must be a GREAT networking system! lol."

redchick623 : "This community offers so many fun contests and they vary...there is always something to do! I am still new, but I love it and am addicted...the mods keep up to date and the people are awesome. It's a great place to meet new friends and kill boredom with fun activities!"

vertigo_skyy : "This is a really active community and I have enjoyed the daily & weekly activities & contests. There is always something to do! The head mod is amazing and all the rest of the girls here are wonderful! The site is also very easy to find anything you need, with the great userinfo and sidebar!"

Got something nice to say about the community? Leave it in a comment here & I'll post it up with the rest of our testimonials!
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